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How Different Personalities Reorganize Their Finances

People organize things in different ways. After all, no two people are alike. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that people organize their finances in different ways—and according to, interestingly enough, their personality type.

How different people organize their ‘different’ finances

It’s no secret that people organize their finances differently. But, we really don’t think about why that much.

In fact, lots of people don’t really think about the ‘whys’ of financial planning. Most people just do it. That’s probably why lots of people treat financial planning as a matter of ‘trial and error.’

So, let’s take a look at how different personality types approach financial planning.

Those who stockpile

People who stockpile, otherwise known as stockpilers, more or less hoard financial documents. Receipts from mortgage payments, bank statements, bills—you name it, they’ve probably stockpiled the last few years of them.

While keeping all of that important information a good practice, some financial experts say that it’s still important to ‘pick and choose’ what to keep. In other words, you shouldn’t stockpile too much. After all, what’s someone else’s stockpiling eventually becomes one person’s hoarding.

Those who procrastinate

Sure, it’s pretty easy to organize your finances, but why not take care of something like – you know – taking out the trash first. Or, heading out to dinner. Or, probably binge watching something on Netflix.

People who procrastinate more or less have the same mindset. And, while practically everyone procrastinate something, it’s not good to procrastinate finances.
People who have a tendency to put off finances until much later should, well, take care of that first. After all, why wait when it’s that important? This is why having a financial advisor would be a solid investment.

Those who want to perfect everything

Some people are so into their finances that everything has to be perfect.

Everything about their finances, in this case, is well organized. From the folders, to their files and even their online accounts are arranged in a way that’s easy for them to interpret.

Perfectionists are arguably the most organized financial planners, however even they need to dial back some of their planning mechanisms. Sometimes, exerting too much control over organizing something makes you look track of really keeping everything as organized as you want it to be.

Financial experts recommend financial planning perfectionists to keep track of their financial planning tasks – if they’re not already – and to only do as much as they can handle. Even if it’s not perfect, it’s good enough, after all.

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